One Dream at a Time.  The Life of a Simple Wife.

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001. pay off debt consolidation - COMPLETED

002. pay off Sears card - in progress

003. pay off Visa - in progress

005. build up emergency fund to $2000 - in progress

006. 2nd car replaced - on hold. Getting a house has become far more important in recent days

007. buy a house - one we can be happy in for a minimum of 6 years -- at the moment this is taking priority over most everything

014. clear out last few boxes - COMPLETED... sort of. A lot of boxes went back into storage recently. This will have to be revisited later.

015. clean out closet - get rid of clothes not worn - COMPLETED

016. reclaim dining room table from clutter AND keep it! - COMPLETED

017. new dining room set - in progress

018. make comprehensive emergency notebook - in progress

019. keep desk CLEAN for at least one month - COMPLETED

026. DSL/cable internet connection - COMPLETED

028. keep the apartment clean enough that I'm not embarrassed to have someone over unannounced - COMPLETED

039. weigh between 130 and 150 lbs again - in progress

040. exercise daily - in progress, except days when my knee is uncooperative

041. utilize the work out tapes/dvds I have on a regular basis - or get rid of them - in progress

042. utilize the exercise bike a minimum of three times a week - or get rid of the beast in progress

043. eat better (i.e., less sugar, less refined & processed foods, more water, less meat, etc) - in progress

044. develop the habit of fast food less than three times a month - in progress, and doing well with it, too

046. start taking my vinegar pills daily again, and continue to take them for at least 8 months running - in progress as of 04/12/2007

047. get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, every night for 30 days - COMPLETED

048. get up with alarm and not nap - in progress

057. eat dinner together regularly - at the table without the tv - COMPLETED

062. read at least 30 of the bajillion and three books I own - in progress; see reading log

063. read the entire Bible -in progress

071. cook three recipes from each of the cookbooks I own - if three recipes can not be found to cook, get rid of the book! - COMPLETED

072. get digital camera - COMPLETED

073. learn to crochet a hat -- on hold until aptartment maitenance issues are completed since all my craft stuff is in storage again

081. get my own domain - and use it - COMPLETED

089. write in the blank books I have or get rid of them - in progress

090. stop hearing my inner dialog in my father's voice -in progress

094. buy seasons 5 and 6 of Highlander - COMPLETED

095. get Young Riders season 1 - COMPLETED