One Dream at a Time.  The Life of a Simple Wife.

A while back I tripped over someone doing a 101 things in 1001 days list. It was interesting, but I thought about it and decided that it was nearly impossible for me to come up with 101 things I wanted to do. But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to do it. So I put in some time researching it and after some hunting (I had to refind someone doing it) I landed here. To quote the "rules" for this:

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

So I dug deep and after several days found (almost) 101 things to put on my list. The list is nothing spectacular, just... me. Just things I want to do, or think I want to do, at this particular point in my life. Who knows how things will change a year from now.

My beginning date was August 16, 2006. My completion date is May 13, 2009.

  1. pay off debt consolidation
  2. pay off Sears card
  3. pay off Visa
  4. build up $1000 emergency cash fund - mostly this is for hurricane emergencies when power to the ATMs are out and we need cash. This money will live in a special bank account that I can pull funds out of before any storms show up on my doorstep
  5. build up emergency fund to $2000 - this 2k goal is ONLY for this 1001 days time period.
  6. get 2nd car replaced
  7. buy a house - one we can be happy in for a minimum of 6 years
  8. start researching land purchase - 2 acre minimum
  9. give money to NPR
  10. give money to PBS
  11. donate funds to somewhere on a monthly basis (amount and charity/cause to be determined at later date)
  12. build a more thorough hurricane kit
  13. have personal emergency bags for all household members
  14. clear out last few boxes - completed in a temporary fashion; will have to be revisited
  15. clean out closet - get rid of clothes not worn
  16. reclaim dining room table from clutter AND keep it!
  17. buy new dining room set
  18. make comprehensive emergency notebook
  19. keep desk CLEAN for at least one month
  20. set up recycling system in home
  21. replace VHS tapes with DVDs where possible (and cheaply if possible, too!)
  22. buy furniture we want for rest of home (be it apartment or house)
  23. upgrade RAM on computer
  24. upgrade hard drive on computer
  25. learn to build a computer
  26. get DSL/cable internet connection
  27. do regular (weekly?) back ups on important computer files
  28. keep the apartment clean enough that I'm not embarrassed to have someone over unannounced
  29. release at least 10 books into the wild (BookCrossing)
  30. write a living will and have it notarized (and registered and whatever else needs to be done to have it completely legal)
  31. ditto that for a will
  32. research living off the grid in more depth
  33. have fresh flowers continually for a 3 month period
  34. get the husband's outstanding dental work done
  35. get my outstanding dental work done
  36. get the kid's outstanding dental work done
  37. get pap smear
  38. get physical
  39. weigh between 130 and 150 lbs again
  40. exercise daily
  41. utilize the work out tapes/dvds I have on a regular basis - or get rid of them
  42. utilize the exercise bike a minimum of three times a week - or get rid of the beast
  43. eat better (i.e., less sugar, less refined & processed foods, more water, less meat, etc)
  44. develop the habit of fast food less than three times a month
  45. ...and when fast food is purchased, also pay for the car behind me
  46. start taking my vinegar pills daily again, and continue to take them for at least 8 months running
  47. get at least 7 hours of sleep a night, every night for 30 days
  48. ...then get up with the alarm and not nap through the next day
  49. take the kid to Disney
  50. take the kid to Sea World
  51. go to Bok Tower for christmas
  52. go to Dali Museum
  53. get membership to MOSI
  54. get membership to one other cultural venue
  55. teach the kid to cook
  56. teach the kid to crochet
  57. eat dinner together regularly - at the table without the tv
  58. eat breakfast together regularly - at the table without the tv
  59. get AC in my car fixed
  60. get professional tune up
  61. get spare tire for my car
  62. read at least 30 of the bajillion and three books I own
  63. read the entire Bible
  64. learn to operate a sewing machine without the need for a blood sacrifice
  65. make a lint bag
  66. learn three chain maille patterns
  67. become proficient in at least one chain maille pattern
  68. take a class - any class - and complete it from start to finish
  69. develop all the exposed rolls of film lurking about
  70. take pictures on film and actually get them developed
  71. cook three recipes from each of the cookbooks I own - if three recipes can not be found to cook, get rid of the book!
  72. get a digital camera
  73. learn to crochet a hat
  74. learn calligraphy
  75. learn japanese brush writing
  76. learn at least a little Latin
  77. learn PHP
  78. learn XHTML to a point where I don't have to look things up every time I want to use it
  79. learn CSS to a point where I don't have to look things up every time I want to use it
  80. become certified in Windows, Excel, and all those other toys that come with it
  81. get my own domain - and use it
  82. play in the rain more often
  83. keep in touch with my inner child
  84. learn to roller blade without killing myself
  85. complete "Letters to my Daughter" book
  86. participate in and complete a 26 things project
  87. own - and wear - a corset
  88. own - and wear - a bodice with/over the corset
  89. write in the blank books I have or get rid of them
  90. stop hearing my inner dialog in my father's voice
  91. write a letter to my father letting him know how happy my life is, and send a picture of his granddaughter
  92. fall in love with life again
  93. buy clothes for myself without feeling guilty
  94. buy seasons 5 and 6 of Highlander
  95. buy Young Riders season 1
  96. explore options for degree (i.e., what do I want to do when I grow up?)
  97. become proficient with wire wrapping and beading (jewelry making in general)
  98. learn how to do good henna tattoos
  99. become a better writer
  100. participate in target shooting or archery - and be active in it at least twice a month
  101. spend more weekends doing fun stuff with family, and less weekends running errands and sprawling in front of the tv watching movies and/or playing xbox and on the computer
Optional five:
  1. 2,500 words written (not journaling or emails) per month - subject to change as my brain begins to work more and I have more time
  2. get seasons 4, 6, & 7 of MacGyver - it boggles the mind that I have season 5, but not 4